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TATCI CE Credits

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We are located at
103 E. State St. Alliance, Oh 44601 
(on the corner of E. State St. and Cherry, next to Walgreens) 

Please note our cancellation policy on the registration page before registering for programs! 
If you are interested in Train the Trainer or STNA, please call or email the office - do not register online! Thanks! 
See STNA Information and Class Schedule below regular programs  

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August 26-29, 2024
PC Training August 26-27, 2024

Train the Trainer 
November 7, 2024Nurse Aide Training Update   
 June 7, 2023 Restorative Revival!  Facts and Data 
Nov 30 or Dec 13, 2023 Strategies to Audit and Evaluate Current MDS 3.0 Data Formulation, Coding and Transmission Processes 
April 5, 2023
 Overview of the New MDS 3.0 v.1.18.11- October 1, 2023
April 12, 2023 FULL April 13, 2023 OR
May 10, 2023
 Managing the Transition to the MDS 3.0 1.18.11 and Changes to the PDPM Payment System 
November 29, 2023 Creating Appropriate Systems for the Implementation of the MDS 3.0 1.18.11 - October 1, 2023
March 21, 2024 MDS 3.0 1.18.11 - Interviews   New Resident Interviews and Documentation Requirements 
 March 20, 2024 New Teaching Tools for Documentation Formats to Document Data and Connect MDS 1.18.11
 March 21, 2024 Ethics Topics for Ohio Licensed Nursing Home Administrators (Healthcare Executives) 
 April 4, 2024 Responding to the C.M.S. 5 Claim Review Process for Skilled Nursing Facilities 
 July 11, 2024  Review of the CMS Updates for Skilled Nursing Facilities -F.Y. 2025 Proposed Rule 3-28-24
 July 25, 2024 Review of the Office of the Inspector General Compliance Guidelines - 2023
 June 6, 2024 Key Facts about Coding Section GG to Document Functional Performance

*For credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) payments over the phone, please call our office at 330-821-7616.
 Otherwise, we will send you an invoice upon receipt of registration.  We will accept business check payments as well

Accreditations -We are now a Certified NAB Sponsor!   *  Please note if you are an administrator:  If your hours did not transfer to BELTSS, you will need to log into 
the NAB registry with your log in and password, download the certificate yourself and then upload it to NAB.  This has happened recently, but NAB has 
made the updates to fix the problem. We upload hours the day of the program once R#s are verified.  If in doubt, please contact Meghan at accountsatc@tatci.com 
Thank you!

Nurses please note: Any continuing education that has been approved by NAB can be accepted by the Ohio Board of Nursing in the State of Ohio. Nurses may use this continuing education to meet their licensure requirement.
Please refer to Ohio Board of Nursing Education Rules 4723-14-01 through 4723-14-19.




State Approved Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program for Long Term Care

Seating is very limited - if you are interested in joining us, don't delay!

Please note:  Please see our refund policy on the registration page.
Once class starts, there are no refunds- no exceptions.  Please be sure to sign up and attend all days if possible.
If you have a conflict, please let us know so we can work with you.

Next class: June 17 - July 2, 2024   
This class is FULL

Next class is
September 9-24, 2024
8:30 am - 4:20 pm class times
7:30 am - 3:20 pm for clinical times 


You can sign up anytime for the next class - seating is limited. 

12 business days!  See information below!

Monday through Friday
Class Location: 103 E. State St. Alliance Oh 44601

Cost: $475.00 to take the class and $104.00 to take the test (test payment made to the testing company at the end of class)

Textbooks will be provided. 

Items needed to start class:

1) A negative two step TB test must be completed prior to beginning class - This can be done at our clinical site for free. We will give you this information upon sign up or this can be done at your own doctor (we will need copy of results) or the Alliance City Health Dept does them on Tuesdays by appointment ($20.00 per test) Or if you have had one done in the last year, we can make a copy of that as well.  Alliance Aultworks does them as well - walk ins available - ($15 per step)  M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
2) A background/FBI check - $71 for BCI and FBI or $35 for BCI - we can send you here in Alliance to get this done or you can go to the place of your choice - must have BCI and FBI if you have lived outside of Ohio in the last five years, if not, you can just do the BCI. If you have one from working somewhere in the last six months, we can also make a copy of that as well. 
3) We will need to make copies of your driver's license/state ID and social security card.
4) Full Payment of $475 (spots are only held with payment, first come, first serve!) 
5) If you have had your COVID-19 vaccine, please bring in your card so we can copy it - NOT mandatory to join the class however.

Stop in to sign up or call to make an appointment or get an application mailed or emailed to you. Remember - payment holds your spot in class!

Your registration is your financial commitment!

* Please note---a background check is REQUIRED to be done before you can go to clinicals which start the second week of class.  There are THREE things to note with this:
1)  If you have anything on your criminal record (ie; you have been arrested for ANYTHING, even if it was dismissed), you need to disclose this information when you sign up.  You are given a list of disqualifying offenses upon sign up.
 If you have been charged with something on the disqualifying offense list, we are not able to send you to clinicals.   If you do NOT disclose this information and we find a disqualifying offense on your record, you will only be refunded 75% of your payment for class. Please just be honest. 
2)   If your background check is not in our hands by the time the clinicals start, you will not be allowed to go and therefore this is considered a "missed" date which you will have to make up.  Make up days cost $75.00 EACH. 
Start your background check early - the day you sign up for class - this way you can ensure it will be returned in time. 
3) If you do have any type of charge on your record - even if it's NOT disqualifying, please disclose this.  This can make your background check take longer to be returned to us.  Also, if you have lived out of Ohio, been a police officer or been in the military, it will take a little longer for us to receive it so you may want to sign up for a class 30 days out to be safe.  Ask if you aren't sure.