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About Leah Klusch

Leah Klusch


Nurse | Educator | Consultant | Speaker

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About Leah Klusch, RN, BSN, FACHCA

Executive Director of The Alliance Training Center Leah Klusch's education and consulting to healthcare professionals is defined by her dynamic style, sense of humor, no-nonsense advice and innovative ideas. Her ability to focus on learning rather than teaching makes her a welcomed and applauded industry speaker, educator, and nurse leader.

She's the founder and director of The Alliance Training Center, an educational foundation focused geriatric care issues in Alliance, Ohio and the author of numerous published articles in industry journals, periodicals, trade publications, books, video trainings, and lectures nationally on current industry topics. Leah is passionate about her work and her energy is contagious when helping clients and industry members manage:
  • Care Delivery
  • Wellness & Restorative Care Giving
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Leadership
  • Re-engineering & Facility Planning
  • Nursing Home Management
  • Payment & Reimbursement
  • Assessment and Assessment Documentation

Thought Leadership

As a healthcare industry consultant with a penchant for bridging clinical, financial and compliance needs in an easy-to-understand, fun way, Leah’s insights are captured and read throughout the industry, online as well as offline.

Highly-Sought Speaker & Trainer
Leah can be found on the speaker and trainer lists of the industry’s most well-respected association conferences including AHCA, ACHCA, LeadingAge, ASCP, and ALFA, as well as many state and local professional associations and ownership groups. Her expertise has attracted packed sessions on hot topics like the recent MDS changes, understanding RAPS, and care area assessments. She has authored and co-authored videos for the Briggs Corporation, and recently launched a series of MDS web-learning sessions with RediLearning for skilled nursing, rehab, specialty, hospice and home health.

Widely Published Author
Covering the industry’s biggest topics, Leah’s work has been featured in Long Term Living, McKnight’s Long Term Care News, Provider Magazine, and The Director. She was first published in 1968 in the American Journal of Nursing and has authored more than 25 published articles. In addition, she has authored two books on restorative care giving and understanding RAPS.

Individual facilities and nursing home management groups and owners from across the country rely on Leah’s ability to assess and advise them on operational and clinical issues. She also works with industry-vendors to supply applicable solutions to the industry, like RediLearning, MDI Achieve, eHealth Data Solutions, Direct Supply, Encore Rehab, AccuNurse, and McKnights.

Professional Background

Leah received her bachelor of science in nursing from Capital University and continued graduate studies in curriculum and education at Ohio State University. In 2009, she completed the Fellowship program with the American College of Healthcare Administrators (ACHCA). The ACHCA awarded Leah with their Education Award in 2011.

In 1989, Leah launched The Alliance Training Center, an educational foundation focused on issues related to the care of the frail elderly.

About The Alliance Training Center

The Alliance Training Center is located in Alliance, Ohio and is home to many accredited training classes for Ohio nurses and aides. Leah Klusch launched the Center in 1989 to help her facilitate and educate care practitioners on helping to care for the frail elderly.

In addition, the Center serves as headquarters for many services offered to the professionals in long-term care including: educational services, management consultation, facility consultation, and development of specialized and custom training programs.

The Alliance Training Center is an approved provider of continuing education credits by the State of Ohio Counselor/Social Worker Board #RSX019103.