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TATCI CE Credits

The Alliance Training Center presents a NEW program!

Creating Appropriate Systems for the Implementation of the MDS 3.0 1.18.11- October 1, 2023

Operational, Clinical, MDS Nurses, and Financial Managers must prepare for the transition to the MDS 1.18.11 Data Sets. This session will review the steps necessary for a successful operational, clinical, and financial transition that managers must address during the 2nd quarter of 2023. The new data set has many changes that could have a negative impact on clinical data, quality outcomes as well as Medicare Part A Payments and Case Mix Medicaid. The management team will need to: Check current data reports for patterns of data and accuracy. Look at the overall content changes of the new data set and the implications of the new data items and the deleted data items from the current data set. Establish policy and procedure changes with staff education to prepare for the October 1,, 2023 process transition, as well as documenting vast competency with the new process. This session will describe efficient and accurate interventions to accomplish these goals. This fast paced session will look at the audit and data evaluation processes to identify the new data formulation process. This discussion will identify the specific areas where data formulation will be changed and the tools necessary to accomplish this. It is very important that senior managers understand the high risk specific changes that can impact payments, outcome statistics, and quality measures. It is very important to design efficient and effective approaches to staff education and competency which will be an important part of this discussion. This interactive session will bring handed, accurate, and efficient solutions for Corporate and Building Managers, MDS Nurses, and members of the Inter Disciplinary Team.


1). Review efficient and accurate approaches to identify issues of data formulation and accuracy in the facilities current MDS process.

2.) Identify changes in the transmission process- IQIES that will impact data review and CASPER reports.

3.) Describe the specific areas of policy information, data formulation, and front line documentation that the MDS 1.18.11 database will require.

4.) Review information from CMS that will create new high risk data coding impacting payment, outcome reports, and PDPM rate calculations.

5.) Discuss efficient and effective approaches for staff education and competency documentation.

When: June 8, 2023 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Cost: $125.00 per person

Instructor: Leah Klusch, RN, BSN,FACHCA

Where: 103 E. State St. Alliance, Oh 44601

Approved by NAB for 6 hours

Call to register! (330) 821-7616