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Your Facility Data!

5 Key Data Bases Operations You Need to Understand

Data Collection – Audits – Analytics – Accuracy

New Conditions of Participation - New MDS 3.0 Items


There are many changes to the Sections in the RAI Manual. Come Review them with Leah

This fast moving interactive session will review the risk management strategies and operational approaches to data base analysis. All facilities have to understand the implications of data for successful service delivery and regulatory compliance. The session will identify important data bases – MDS – Billing – QM – Survey (OSCAR) – Resident Mobility (readmission). Strategies will be presented to understand, analyze and integrate data into operational decision making and marketing approaches for administrator and operational managers. Too frequently the team producing the data through the MDS process do not audit for accuracy and the risks of inaccurate data have increased - the MDS accuracy survey as well as the implications for 5 Star Ratings have changed recently and need to be addressed. October 2017 MDS 3.0 changes include new coding guidance, new items and changes to documentation requirements. All the new MDS 3.0 changes will be discussed and new manual instructions will be available. An important session for facility administrators, corporate operational leadership, corporate clinical managers as well as MDS nurses. The new conditions of participation will also be discussed focused on Phase I requirements and Phase II requirements.


• Discuss the importance of data base content and accuracy for the administrative leadership of the facility with new regulatory oversight.

• Describe how regulators are initializing data to evaluate facility performance and regulatory activity and increasing the number of survey citations.

• Discuss data base review and analysis on the corporate and facility level for administrative and operational professionals.

• Identify specific audit tasks that administrators can do to check facility data base accuracy.

• Discuss the importance of Data Analytics and data production oversight.

• Describe the October 2017 MDS 3.0 changes and implications for documentation formats.

Faculty: Leah Klusch, RN, BSN, FACHCA

Cost: $125.00 per person

Date: September 22, 2017

Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Approved by NAB for 6 hours

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Seating will be limited.

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It is not required but advisable to bring a current MDS 3.0 RAI manual for this class;

some may be available to purchase the day of the program- we recommend reserving a manual prior to the day of the program.