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TATCI CE Credits

A NEW 2-day program! Join us!

MDS 3.0 and P.D.P.M. for Long Term Care Facilities


Come for a complete review of the new MDS and payment items!

Operational professionals and members of the Interdisciplinary team must all be aware of the many data items and coding instructions that are part of the MDS 3.0 data base changes that took effect October 1, 2019. The size of this update is significant and impacts many parts of the assessment process and must be managed by the operational process in the facility, organization or company.  This session will not only identify the item changes but the impact of the data on P.D.P.M. payment and current quality measures, overall care planning processes and internal policy development.  The New Long Term Care Survey Process has its foundation in the facility data base, identification of potential problem areas from the Quality Measures and other demographic data.  Surveyors will be looking at the data on the MDS as it identifies the elder’s issues and tracking MDS Discrepancies.  As one of the most active consultants and trainers Leah will bring her best ideas and strategies to deal with the new items, retired items, coding changes and policy changes that are necessary to implement their directives.  The program will provide the participants with documents, strategies and tools to collect data on the new items to maintain compliance.  The new regulations related to the assessment process, care planning specialized rehab services and quality of care have significant new narrative and will be discussed.  Many facilities are not ready for all the new requirements and need to discuss the impact they will have on operations and payment.  This program is an interactive, positive, fast moving focused on operational and clinical professionals as well as the MDS nurses.  This will be a unique opportunity  to get the latest accurate information  on Section GG, functional outcome scoring, Section I admission diagnosis, Section M coding of pressure ulcers/ injuries, Section N drug regimen review as well as new guidance for interviews.  Join us for this comprehensive review and excellent guidance on compliance and competence programs.

This will be a two day session with credits from the National Administrators Board – total of 12 hours.  This will be a unique opportunity to get the latest accurate information in a positive and interactive environment.  We encourage all facility administrators, clinical, therapy and MDS managers to attend.  No partial CEU credits can be given – you must attend both days to receive CEU credit. 

All participants need a current (October 2019) MDS 3.0 RAI manual in order to attend this training.  We may have some available for sale the day of class, but it would be best to reserve yours with your registration.

Bring all your members of your interdisciplinary and MDS team!  Seating is limited so register early!

Day one

o   Structure and requirements of the MDS 3.0 Data Base

o   Assessment forms and scheduling issues

o   Privacy Act issues and documentation

o   New Long Term Care Survey focus on MDS data base

o   Basic documentation and definitional standards – RAI Manual - 2019 updates

o   New instructions for interviews and documentation guidelines - impacting payment and care planning

o   Section by Section review of the New MDS 3.0 data set focused on updates and new items

o   Section GG content, coding changes and impact on P.D.P.M.


Day Two

o   Clinical measurements, new definitions, & coding diagnosis

o   Operational issues and leadership requirements in new regulations and payment process

o   Review of the Regulatory Tags related to MDS Assessments  - New language

o   Payment system implications - PDPM, Case Mix

o   Current audit activity  - expanded with new Data Set

o   Competency and Training issues for IDT and front line staff

o   Resources and analytics available to the MDS manager and operational staff


1.       Identify for the NH Administrators the structure and requirements for the MDS 3.0 assessment process.

2.       Review the HIPPA issues and the privacy Act statement requirements

3.       Discuss the impact of the definitions and structure in the RAI manual on the overall compliance and payment process of the facility.

4.       Describe the most recent changes to the sections for the MDS assessments and new assessment documents

5.       Identify the implications for nursing home administrators related to payment from the Part A Medicare program and regulatory changes.

6.       Review the structure for the MDS accuracy survey process with implications for administrative,  clinical, and financial staff

The Alliance Training Center, 1930 S. Freedom Ave. Alliance, Oh 44601

 (330) 821-7616

Date: December 3-4, 2019          Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cost:  $300.00 per person