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January 21, 2016 A Basic MDS 3.0 Program
January 22, 2016 MDS 3.0 Interviewing Skills for Social Workers & Professionals
January 27, 2016 Dementias and Related Disorders including Alzheimer's Disease
February 18, 2016 Solutions in Restorative Care Giving Establishing a Successful Restorative Program
February 24, 2016 The Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals MEPAP Part 2 (core content 12-20), 2nd Edition
April 25-28, 2016 Train-the-Trainer

Essential Compliance Issues and the New MDS 3.0 Accuracy Survey for Senior Operational, Financial and Clinical Managers - 2015 Update.

Presented by Leah Klusch, FACHCA

Saturday, April 11, 2015, 8:30am-3:00pm

The current status of compliance and database accuracy in the skilled nursing facility needs considerable senior management focus to manage regulatory and payment risk. This highly interactive and fast-paced session will review the compliance rules and assessment accuracy issues that can create significant negative outcomes from audits or surveys. The solutions are not complex but essential. The session will identify the primary issues and explain inexpensive effective solutions for ownership structures of all sizes. The new MDS accuracy survey being implemented this year by CMS brings great risk to all facilities. The session will describe the survey process, tools and proactive steps all managers must take to prepare. A must do session for all senior managers with many resources, case examples and resources as part of the content. This is all new information and we invite all participants in past pre-con sessions to attend.

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New Courses from the ACHCA Leadership Series and Redilearning

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  • Demystifying Change: the HMOs are coming - Susie Mix
  • QAPI: Quality Leadership for a New Era - A Focused 6-part Webinar Intensive - Gail Radar, John Sheridan, Sister Margaret Edwards

Are you ready for the MDS 3.0?

Come and learn what you need to know to navigate the MDS 3.0 by one of the most recognized and knowledgable instructors in the long term care industry, Leah M. Klusch, RN, BSN, FACHA, and Executive Director of The Alliance Training Center.

Leah Klusch has been to the CMS MDS 3.0 Train-the-Trainer National Conference recently and has brought back a world of information for our upcoming training sessions. There will be a lot of interchange and question and answer time to help you establish a process for you and your interdisciplinary staff for the MDS 3.0

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In Memoriam Gerald Klusch

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Where We've Been

Leah Klusch, RN, BSN, FACHCA, Executive Director of The Alliance Training Center has been instructing clients on the MDS 3.0 changes for the last several months. Some of the locations she has visited include:


Christian Care Communities, Louisville, KY
Lorien Health Services, Ellicott, MD


Superior Care, Paducah, KY


Leading Age OK, Midwest City, OK
SagePoint Senior Living Services, La Plata, MD
McKnights Online Expo Webinar
Christian Care Communities, Louisville, KY


ACHCA, San Antonio, TX
Prestige, Cincinnati, OH
Included in this list are also several webinars and audio conferences with various clients to help increase the awareness of the changes with the MDS 3.0 data base.

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